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and excessive heat warning for tomorrow. i will tell you all about the heat. captioned by the national captioning institute it is even getting hotter and more dangerous. >> the heat is more dangerous for some and we are not just talking about children and the
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elderly. >> the reason why the feds have a concern before the 9/11 anniversary. >> why this attack is particularly disturbing. a possible break in the debt went negotiations. a compromise and the condition made by the white house. live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 11. firefighters are battling the fire at the watergate hotel. the d.c. fire department tells us the fire broke out on the 10th floor of the apartment building. the planes were confined to just one apartment. several predicted the flames were confined to just one apartment. no one was seriously hurt. we will monitor developments. >> the heat that has been blistering all week long. we are now watching for 100
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degrees in what could be the hottest stretch of the weather this year. we have lied team coverage. we have more about the dangers that people are facing. >> it is really dangerous heat because the nighttime temperatures in most areas tonight and for the next few nights will not give below 80 degrees. look at the temperatures outside. we were up to 94 in washington. right now, and downtown, 86 degrees. the heat index making it feel like it is in the mid 90's at 11:00 tonight. a heat warning, and excessive heat warning. one thing during the daytime. the real stress begins as night after night the temperature
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just does not get below 80 degrees. it will be next week before we see any sort of a break at all. saturday, we may be breaking a record. i will tell you more about that and how long this will be going on. >> in addition to the usual precautions, this kind of heat causes some big problems. >> and crew spent the evening canvassing our region. >> this intense heat has compounded matters for folks who live in the d.c. area. especially for some residents who were displaced after a fire in alexandria and dozens of residents who had been without water all day and night here in weekend. the heat has proved most difficult for people who have to work outdoors. fire in virginia, water in maryland to extremes but hampered by an intense tank
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life. >> -- by an intense heat wave. >> of firefighters are fighting more than just smoke and flames tonight. 115 pounds of gear, they found refuge inside this cooling bus. >> that is there to protect them. >> others visibly drained using water not only to douse the building but to quickly replenish. >> we have to rotate crews because they are only good for 10 or 15 minutes. >> during this scorcher displaced residents is worried about his mother's help. >> we have not had a drink but we will drink some gatorade inside. >> across the beltway, thousands
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of gallons of water have brushed onto georgia avenue in wheaton. >> when it is hot like this, we have a lot of help. >> the water has made it challenging for this family. >> she wanted to take a shower and we do not have water. >> a second alarm was requested during that fire in alexandria. they want to make sure to give their firefighters plenty of rest. as for the crew is here, they hope to have this road, a georgia avenue, reopened by tomorrow morning, just in time for hotter temperatures. our weather team is covering each morning for you 24 hours a day. two-seat current temperature at any time, -- to see the current and temperature at any time go to
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a fairfax county man is officially named as a suspect and his elderly father's murder. police believe that richard p. hanson shot and killed his 75- year-old father gary hanson. they believe that he fled the area and a saturn would virginia tax. we are learning more about a newly released to report that shows our nation's utilities could be become the target of an attack. our region housed numerous large the cell keys -- large facilities. we are live with the latest information. >> i need to be clear to start off. there is no specific threats against any individual facility. no specific threats against any facility, including this tank
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farm. the federal government's latest report focuses on extremist trying to infiltrate a major utility. the federal government issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies or not to arrest have an interest in working from the inside to sabotage a major u.s. utility. in nuclear power plant water treatment facility, or refinery. >> if they have the right access, the amount of damage they can inflict it will affect thousands of lives. >> the d.c. region has a number of high-profile sites. this is just off i-95 in southern fairfax county. >> would it coming knocked i never little bit -- would coming up, i have for a little bit about the security threats. >> a spokesperson for a homeland security tells us 00 --
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one concern could be related to a suspected al qaeda recruit. the american was arrested in yemen and he worked at a number of nuclear power plant in the mid-atlantic region. one spokesperson for a local regional utility washington gas, told me tonight that continual security surveillance and continuous communication with the department, and security and other security agencies remain a top priority. a big development and a showdown over the debt crisis. president obama says that he is open to a short-term solution. a long-term deal can be finalized without a disruption
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to the financial system. the president met separately with democratic and republican leaders tonight. he has one major condition for a short-term deal. a long time i'd been tested because to a done deal. the government has to come up with a solution before august 2. a little girl is attacked by a shark in water just a foot and a half. >> house she is recovering tonight. >> a sex shop controversy leads to a big decision. a community in the middle of a battle. >> the future of the former astronaut's. walmart kellie -- walmart kellie join the world of politics?
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we are learning more about the future of mark kelly. planned on traveling the country to do a series of paid speaking engagements.
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he is not ruling out a run for political office. he became well known after gabrielle giffords was shot and head back in january. where a short -- we are a few short hours from the atlantis returned. is scheduled to land at cape canaveral just before 6:00. ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ >> you can watch complete coverage of the shuttle landing tomorrow. coming up, not in my back yard. the local showdown over a sexy lingerie shop. koo is claiming victory? but a six-year-out old girl is attacked by a shark. what doctors are saying about her condition tonight.
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>> you think you are worried about showing too much the next time you go through a body scanner? you may not have that much to worry about anymore.
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we are learning more about the plan to ease the security controversy. the issue centers around those body scanners that show up images of passengers going through. >> they say they are making a big change. we are live outside of breaking national airport to explain. >> -- reagan national airport to explain. >> there was an outcry from airline passengers. the tsa says they have a solution. the full body scanners do not leave much to the imagination. they literally give agents x-ray vision. >> it is kind of creepy. >> you may not have to endure it much longer. >> i do not know if i believe it. >> the transportation security administration announced airport screenings will become
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less revealing. it is installing software to improve passenger privacy. >> i think there is a certain amount of personal privacy that is warranted when you are going through these things. but the new software replace the detailed and ends with a generic silhouettes. the less exact depictions will be just as effective when it comes to detecting dangerous items. >> i think we need to try to do everything we can to protect our citizens. >> they expect to upgrade all 231 machines at u.s. airports by the end of the year. some passengers welcome the change, others travelers simply shrug it off. >> i do not care one way or the other. >> the esa is installing the software only on its getting devices that rely on electromagnetic waves for imaging. it will be testing the software
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on its hundreds of other body scanners this fall which rely on x-ray technology to get their images. a community is celebrating a victory. after they stopped lingerie shop from opening in their neighborhood. we have learned that a deal to lease a space to the owners of maria's passion paradise has fallen through. the store has a location in maryland features passion parties and workshops. community leaders say there was a change of heart. >> we noticed the store was moving in and the merchandise. we talk to the honor -- owner tuesday that the tenant would not be a good match for our environment. >> we did attempt to call the owner of maria's passion paradise, but they did not
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return our phone calls. >> a six-year-old girl remained in critical condition tonight after being bitten by a shark. this happened tuesday evening at the outer banks in north carolina. the girl was swimming in only a foot and a half of water when she was bitten on the lower portion of her right leg and foot. the girl's parents were 10 feet away from her. >> that is so frightening. >> you would think that you were safe. >> the water is getting so warm. we are in the hottest time of the year and it feels like it. it is not so much the heat and the daytime it is the heat at night. especially the older folks and the very young folks, we do not get a chance to cool down. your body does not get a chance to cool down. that is why this heat that we are under is so dangerous and will be into saturday.
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outside right now 11:00 86 degrees. it is the heat and the humidity. the last time -- i think this may happen in the next couple of days. it was back in 2001. look at the high temperatures today. we were up to the high 90's. 100 degrees in raleigh, north carolina. these are the current temperatures. it feels like it is still 100 degrees. in washington, it feels like it is 95 degrees. look at the extent of half of the united states under heed warnings. not only for today, but that will continue on into the weekend. there is hardly any cloud in sight. here is our heat index. tomorrow morning it will feel like citizen to be 80's are ready. by tomorrow afternoon, 102
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degrees. that scorching heat over us. instead, it will feel like it is 105 degrees. tomorrow we may not get below 80 degrees. the high-temperature tomorrow not a record, 101. it continues, we may break the record on saturday it with a high temperature of 102 degrees. by the way we will get a little break next week. we did ask our friends on facebook about what -- how to complete, it is so hot that -- i picked up to winners. take it easy.
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>> a lot of people wrote to you. >> we got a lot of different answers. >> keep them coming, folks.
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the heat warning as the top trending story on we keep waiting for you to have an answer about the nfl. >> people are getting hot about this item as well. they want this thing settled. let's start playing football. i have the very latest on the negotiations. houston, you've got some problems. you are causing problems. the national struggle against the team with the worst record in all of baseball.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. there is still no vote on the new nfl contract. they met today in washington to discuss the new deal. they gave the executive committee a vote of confidence. there is no actual vote. he will work for the night with the commissioner.
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the owners are scheduled to meet tomorrow night in atlanta. this is a complicated contract and it is worth billions of dollars. the general counsel says the proposed 10-year settlement will take time to close. >> we will continue to work with the pliers. we will find out if there are issues that still need to be negotiated. we're going to work cooperatively with them through the evening. try to have something in place that outside can vote on tomorrow morning. >> the national's rolled into his and the other day thinking, the astros have the worst record in all of baseball. let's move on to l.a. to play the dodgers. not in this story. the nationals are down 2-0 in the sixth. the score was tied. it stayed that way until the
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bottom of the 11th. houston had runners on first and third. center field the national's least two out of three in houston. the final was 3-2. let's go to the red sox and orioles. the hero, boston be baltimore 4- 0. bemis continue to struggle. they lost to atlantic this afternoon. late in the second half was the difference between d.c. united. they had been unbeaten and the previous five games. the big story was a tiger was has fired his longtime caddie. they were together for 72 tournament went around the globe. they work in each other's weddings.
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this one is hard to figure out and it is certainly a surprise. williams is not happy with the decision. >> what do you think? >> is tiger woods trying to get everything out of his life that is passed. but he was a very good caddie. >> interesting. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it.
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ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®.
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we want you to share with us how you are coping with this heat. send us your photos at and we will post them to a photo gallery. >> we want to see -- we are just sitting on a block of ice. i have a great picture. look at best. look out the door locked out and the pacific. that is a major hurricane.
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135 mile per hour winds. our
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